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Trusted Tree Surgeons In London

TrustedTreeSurgeons is a directory of reputable and, above all, professional arboriculture organisations. We provide contact & services information for a reputable domestic and commercial London Tree Surgeon and surrounding areas, who employ fully trained and experienced consultants, climbers, and ground crew.

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Our London Tree Surgeons Offer A Complete Service

They all use the most up-to-date tree surgery techniques and equipment to ensure that your trees are cared for and maintained with the least amount of disruption to you, your trees, and their surroundings.

All of our listed Tree Surgeons In London take pride in their industry knowledge and experience, which is why our partners of qualified tree surgeons and consultancy staff are always available to provide educated advice and guidance.

We all understand that trees must be maintained and managed to ensure their survival, and we also recognise that as tree owners, you have a role to play in their conservation. This is why each London TrustedTreeSurgeon partner will carefully consider your needs and budget, and will always be as competitive as possible to ensure you see value in your investment with them.

Our London Tree Surgeon Services In Detail

Straight Tree Felling
The removal of a group of trees at once is known as a straight fell.

Straight felling will only be used in circumstances where there is absolutely no risk of harm to any people or property.

The tree can only be felled from ground level after all safety precautions have been taken, including making sure that telephone and power cables do not cross through and are clear of the tree, that the tree has a natural lean in the direction of felling or is standing straight and balanced, and that there is at least 5 metres of space between it and any buildings or other structures that may be damaged.

Section Tree Removal
TrustedTreeSurgeons’ partners provide this service when a tree needs to be removed but is in an awkward location with multiple targets (structures that can be damaged). This requires the tree to be felled in sections using advanced rigging techniques and, on occasion, a crane.

A climber starts the process by rigging a line in the top of the tree overhanging an appropriate lowering point. The tree surgeon will then work his way up the tree crown, attaching the lowering rope to the first branch from the crown break.

The tree surgeon will then make a controlled cut in the direction the branch should move. Finally, it is up to the groundsmen to lower the branch to the ground in a safe and controlled manner.

This is then extracted and processed from the garden before being fed into the wood chipper and the process is repeated until the tree surgeon reaches the top of the tree and is left with only a straight standing stem.

The remaining tree will be cut into manageable pieces and thrown to the ground, or it will be lowered using blocks and pulleys.

Pollarding is a technique used by a London tree surgeon for a variety of reasons. Pollarding is a good option if the tree has significant die back in the canopy and is deteriorating rapidly.

Pollarding a tree means removing the entire crown of the tree down to the main fork of the trunk. In the case of an unhealthy tree, this gives the tree a second fighting chance because there is no high canopy to pump water and nutrients into, the roots are not working as hard, and the tree is significantly less stressed.
This allows the tree to send epicormic shoots out of the remaining trunk.

Stump Grinding
Stump removal entails completely removing the stump as well as any tree lateral roots. This is accomplished with either hand tools or a machine (stump grinder).Stump grinding is the process of removing a stump to a specific depth, usually between 150mm and 300mm.

After the stump is removed, the remaining hole will be backfilled with soil or grinding waste to leave a minimal trace of the work. The complete removal of a tree trunk is the sole responsibility of a stump grinder, which is a machine equipped with carbine-tipped teeth attached to a large rotating wheel, with the teeth attached at different angles in sequence all around the wheel. This results in a bread knife effect.

The spinning wheel scrapes 2mm on each slice it makes; this machine is operated by one man; once the stump has turned into mulch and a hole has replaced the tree stump, the hole is then filled with mulch.

Crown trimming, shaping, pruning, and thinning
Each tree will be evaluated individually based on its shape, size, character, condition, location, and species. All operations will be completed in such a way that each tree is acceptable, well-balanced, and safe.

Each branch will be removed using the ABC cut method, which reduces the risk of tearing.
All final cuts will be made at the branch collar, which will be left intact. No flush cuts will be made under any circumstances. All cuts will be made in accordance with the BS3998 guidelines.

To avoid damage to the tree and its surroundings, all large limbs will be lowered using ropes and slings. All TrustedTreeSurgeon partners will work together to ensure that all sections fall to the ground safely.

Branch collars will be pruned back to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches. In the case of crossed rubbing branches, the branches will be assessed, pruned, or removed as necessary to maintain a reasonable overall shape.

Hedge Pruning
If you found us while looking for hedge trimming services in London, we’re happy to say you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to TrustedTreeSurgeons.

Small hedge trimming in London is typically done by gardeners, but our group partners also provide this service.

They can reduce a large hedge, such as a row of conifers, and they can trim a small hedge or shrub back into a nice clean and tidy shape.

This is done to the customer’s desired height, creating a straight line at the top or a rounded, more natural effect. To create a neat and tidy hedge, all sides of the hedge are trimmed and pruned.

Dealing With Ivy
Ivy can cause significant structural damage if not properly maintained. Ivy should be reduced, trimmed, or completely removed, including the roots, to maintain a controlled growth of a very fast growing and hardy climbing plant.

Ivy, an evergreen climbing or ground-keeping plant, is an eye-catching addition to any London garden. It is a highly adaptable plant that can be used as a dense ground cover to prevent soil erosion or to conceal unsightly walls, fences, or other garden structures. Ivy is also great for making topiary sculptures.

Ivy stems, on the other hand, spread quickly once established and can become highly invasive to other plants and trees. Ivy may appear ‘fairy tale’ romantic as it climbs, but if left unattended, it can creep, crawl, and spread throughout your garden, taking over everything in its path.

Our selection of tree surgeons in London can all manage all your tree & hedge maintenance needs

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