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Trusted Tree Surgeons In Newcastle

You’re in the right place if you want a team of committed tree specialists in the Newcastle area to give your trees the very best care possible.

Find Your Newcastle Tree Care Specialist Here

Expert teams dedicated to the preservation and care of trees are available from our partners who offer Tree Surgeon Services in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. They are passionate about trees and the environment, and the conservation and management of trees is at the core of everything they do. Our partner Tree Surgeons Newcastle are all courteous, highly competent, and professional. Daily, they work hard to provide exceptional service to their customers and to maintain the health of their trees and outdoor areas.

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The Tree Care Services & Areas Covered

Tree and hedge work, tree and hedge removal, stump grinding, emergency services, tree and hedge planting, and advanced tree inspections and surveys are all services provided by our trusted tree surgeons in Newcastle.

The north east of England, including Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, and County Durham, is covered by our onboard Trusted Tree Surgeons.

Newcastle Tree Service providers from TrusredTreeSurgeons are businesses built on the principles of caring for both people and the environment.

They are all genuinely concerned about the environment and their impact on it, so make every effort to ensure that more than 95% of the waste they remove is recycled as a result.

A Description of the Services Provided by Our Newcastle TrustedTreeSurgeons

Tree Felling/ Tree Removal

Despite the fact that our partners always make an effort to protect trees and promote their growth, if you have a hazardous or decaying tree, they are trained and experienced in their careful removal.

If a tree needs to be cut down so that construction on a building can proceed, they can do both tree removal and offer advice on how to consider future trees in your plans.

You can be sure that our Newcastle Trusted Tree Surgeons have everything you need and will leave site clear and tidy after comleting the work.

Pruning Trees
Pruning is a crucial part of tree maintenance and conservation. Pruning promotes growth, enhances appearance, allows light to enter the entire structure, and serves as a health check on your tree, allowing diseases and structural problems to be detected. All of these benefits help trees flourish. Additionally, it aids in minimising potential branch-fall damage. The primary pruning techniques that we work with are listed below.

Shaping & Reduction Of The Crown
Reducing the tree’s overall crown while preserving or improving its shape.

Crown Thinning
removing branches from the tree’s crown without changing its size or shape. Increased light penetration and decreased wind resistance are two benefits of using this pruning technique.

Cleaning The Crown
the cutting off of diseased, weak, or dead branches. Epicormic shoots can be taken out as well.

Raising The Crown
Lower branches are cut off to increase visibility, reduce hazards near walkways and roads, prune back from buildings, and reduce hazards near walkways and roads.

Emergency Tree Services
Weather, storms, or undiscovered diseases can cause trees to fall or become dangerous without much warning. You need the tree removed quickly and expertly if it is endangering your property, has blocked a road, or otherwise poses a risk.

Trimming & Removal Of Hedges
Do you need a Newcastle Tree Surgeon to keep your hedges trimmed and maintained? Is there a section of your hedge you would like to have removed?

Hedge upkeep can be challenging due to the need for regular attention and the subsequent accumulation of garden waste. Allow our Newcastle TrustedTreeSurgeon to handle this for you, including the necessary removal of stumps and roots.

Grinding Stumps
In addition to being unsightly in a garden or wooded area, a decaying stump can present a trip risk, attract pests, and obstruct planned building work.

The impact of a stump can be lessened by grinding it down and with their expertise and tools, our Newcastle Tree Surgeon can handle the problem quickly and leave a clear and tidy area.

Site & Garden Clearance 

Our TrustedTreeSurgeon partners Newcastle can also provide a service to completely clear your site, removing all debris & waste, leaving it clear for whatever you have planned next, whether it be trees, shrubs, hedges, or ivy.

Professional Tree Inspections & Surveys

Tree Inspections
TrustedTreeSurgeons have partners onboard that are qualified and trained to conduct a variety of advanced and specialised inspections, such as the ones listed below.

  • Detection and Decay Development Site Mapping Consultancy BS5837
  • Risk Assessment for Tree Surveys and Tree Inspections
  • Quantitative Analysis of Tree Risk (QTRA) Consultancy for Licensed Users with Subsidence Damage
  • Legal Advice for Insurance Claims Evaluation
  • Forestry and Tree Management
  • Homebuyers Reports on Trees
  • Identification and Management of Disease and Disorders

Tree Surveys

Knowing the state and health of the trees on your property is crucial if you are in charge of maintaining them and handling any problems that may arise.

Our commercial clients value the knowledge of our Newcastle Tree Surgeon partners in this field, including shopping areas, churches, schools, academies, and car parks.

They are able to conduct an inspection at your location and provide you with a report. Any necessary work can be quickly planned and completed.

Planting Of Trees & Hedges

Would you like our Newcastle Tree Surgeon to change the landscape of your garden and other areas you maintain by planting new trees and hedges?

In addition to enhancing an area’s beauty, trees and hedges also benefit the environment and provide habitat for wildlife. Our partners offering Newcastle Tree Services, are deeply committed to protecting the environment and fostering a healthy ecosystem.

They will  provide advice on which trees and hedges to plant and make sure that planting occurs at the best time in addition to taking care of all the tedious work for you.

Planting Hedges
An attractive border is quickly formed by hedge plants. They not only give the garden structure, but they also make great habitats for animals and bird nests.

The majority of trees and shrubs are suitable for use as hedging, and when supplied as bare-root specimens, they can be quite affordable.

Plants that are grown in pots cost a little bit more but are just as suitable. It is also possible to order semi-mature plants for immediate screening if you can’t wait the three to seven years it takes for your hedge to grow to the desired size.

  • Evergreen and semi-evergreen hedges, such as Privet, Box, and Yew, should be planted from early autumn to late winter.
  • Mid-autumn to late winter for deciduous hedges like beech, hornbeam, and hawthorn.

Planting Trees

  • October through April are the best months to plant new trees (or anytime for pot-grown)
  • Autumn and winter: bare root, root-balled
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